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06 December 2010 @ 05:59 am
I had my graduation ceremony on Saturday! It was great. I was very happy to finally graduate and have my college education done. My parents visited and attended the ceremony and brought me a cake to congradulate me. :D
25 August 2010 @ 06:36 am
Hello! My summer classes ended about 2 weeks ago. I got a B in my Children's Literature Class and a B- in Spanish Civilization Class. My sister got A's in both classes! I'm so happy for her. We stayed at our parents home for a few days, which was a lot of fun. Yesterday we came back to our apartment and today classes start for the fall semester. This will be my last semester, then I'll graduate. : D
19 July 2010 @ 01:23 pm
Hello! I'm currently in a good mood. 2 weeks ago I finished my class for the first session of summer classes. I got a B! It was a biology and it is officially the last natural science class I will ever take. Feels so good to have gotten it out of the way! I've also been doing an ongoing volunteer activity, which is sort of like an internship, but not really, so I call it a volunteership. Then I started my two classes for the second session of summer classes. They are a Spanish Civilization class and a Children's Literature class. Today I just turned in my first essay for the Spanish Civiliztion class and I really glad to get that out of the way. I like them and I'm especially happy that I am taking with my sister, who is also my best friend. Now we're study buddies too! Hopefully I will graduate next December.
21 January 2010 @ 04:22 am
After a long and enjoyable break I've gone back to school this Tuesday. Today will be my last day of school for the week.

My break was pretty good. I spent most it doing nothing and sleeping. In January I went to Houston to attend a reunion on the 14th at my former elementary school. The school's faculty was celebrating the 20th anniversary of the school's opening so they invited former students, teachers and other employees  as well as current ones, to the reunion. I really enjoyed it. I was very happy to see classmates and teachers that I hadn't seen in several years . I was also really glad to see the building itself. It hasn't changed much thankfully. I also got to live with my parents while I was in Houston. That's something I always.

I'm back at school and as usual, I'm dreading this new semester.

Oh and I'm also happy to report that I got good grades last semester. I got a C's in my Art History class and my biology class, an A- in my Beginning Ceramics class and an A in my Advanced Drawing class.
20 May 2009 @ 11:52 am
YAY! I took my last final exam last Friday and on Monday I came to Houston to spend a few days with my parents. Next Monday I'll go back to Austin. My summer classes will start on June 1 so for now I'm just enjoying the break time.
12 December 2008 @ 08:49 pm

It has been a whirlwind of a semester. In short, throught this year I have been struggling to balance my PSY418 class with my other classes. I've decided that I am going to leave Psychology as a major and and just keep going as a Studio Art major. I turned in my final paper for PSY 418 this Wednesday, later that night I ate Pizza and bowled with my friends from Canvas, an organization for art students. It was a lot of fun. Before that I had already completed finals for my other classes. On Dec 5 and 6 I had a really fun sleepover with my friends from LaFe, an organization for Christian students at my University. It was so awesome! We played Taboo, went shopping at Walmart, played Telephone charades, watched 13 Going on 30, or rather my friends watched it while I fell asleep. The next day we ate breakfast and I cried and started telling them about how hard the past year had been. They comforted me and told me that everyone in college goes through what I am going through and that it  was ok and would get through it. After that we had Bible study and played a game where we had to figure out how to place all our feet on a certain area again and again and each time that area would decrease so it would get harder and harder. Its a weird complicated game that we couldn't really do. It was really fun time and something I really needed.

Next Monday, my father and grandfather are coming to take me back to Houston. I've wanted to see my family again more than ever. I hope that spending time with them this Christmas Break will help cheer them up, because it has been a very hard year all of us especially after my aunt's death and we still need to recover from that.
10 November 2008 @ 06:26 pm
Yesterday my aunt passed away. It hasn't quite hit me yet, probably because I haven't seen her in 9 years. I think the last time I spoke to her was this summer. I just hope our family can band together and be strong for my mother and grandparents.
26 August 2008 @ 04:02 pm

I finally got the icon to work. I feel so silly for not trying to make it my default userpic sooner after ladyithildiel was dear enough to make for me as a present. I was just so busy before I didn't really think about it. But after awhile I just started to feel naked without an icon. I'm so happy, its gorgeous!

17 August 2008 @ 06:23 pm
OMG! I just found out I got an A in my Painting 2 class! I never thought I would get an A in that class because of how much I struggled in the beginning. I thought I would get a C or D. I also got an A in my Intro to Theater class, although I already knew that. I still don't what grade I have in Intermediate Drawing. I'm still so happy!!!
15 August 2008 @ 09:40 pm
During the first part of summer I took a pretty fun Intro to theater class. It really interesting learning about theater and the subtext about a lot of plays. I actually felt confident verbally participating in this class and I enjoyed watching clips of plays movie adaptations and documentaries and hearing other student's insights. I think the class strengthened my writing skills a bit too. I kind wish I had taken this class in the fall or spring so it would have been longer. It flew by really fast, even for a summer class.

Well today was the last day of my summer classes. This summer started out pretty rough but ended well. In the second week of class I got into an argument with my Painting 2 teacher. He called my work mediocre I took offense we started yelling, I started crying, in short it was horrible. I don't think I was completely fair to him. He and the TA were only trying to help, the problem is my teacher had a piss poor way of expressing himself.  Then I cried again later this semester because I got a pretty frigid response from the other students toward my work. They weren't rude but they definitely didn't care for my work, especially the two paintings I liked the most. The teacher and his TA seemed to like the paintings when I was first working on them, but when I finished them it seemed like they lost something. 

But gradually my paintings seemed to get better and I got a really positive response for my figure paintings and my final self portrait. I'm pretty proud of those works myself.I feel like I learned a lot from our homework, which consisted of looking up assigned artists and writing comparison papers about their works and as painful as it was I Iearned a lot from criticism about my works and my habits in regards to painting. I tried to apply these lessons to my later work and I think I really got something good out of it. I especially a lot of confidence in painting human figures. When I heard that we were going to paint a model I was terrified because I had never painted a human figure before and I had just painted a human face for the first time about a week before. I had drawn figures and faces several times before, to mixed results. I'm really surprised my figure/face paintings turned out as good as they did. I'm just glad I made the model look like a person and not a shapeless blob. Although I did unintentionally make her look way too fat. The model actually had a lovely, slender, petite figure. She was a very sweet and intelligent girl too. She was some kind of science major who was studying for a very important exam. It made me very happy when she said she liked my paintings and took a picture of one to show her grandmother because she said the way I painted reminded her of the way her grandmother painted. She wished me good luck on my critiques.

My Intermediate drawing class went pretty smoothly all the way through. The teacher and the TA for that class were very nice and consistently liked my drawings, especially my latest ones. I really like our project in this class. In the third and fourth projects I learned a lot about fauvism and neo-expressionism. I don't really know that much about particular any art movement and I generally don't think of myself as artist that necessarily fits into a certain style, but these movements intrigue me. These two classes just reinforced that I have to do more art research. As much love art I get so wrapped up in my own work and school work that I neglect researching other artists. I still have a lot to learn and these two classes really challenged me and made me more eager to educate myself and break away from some of my habits. 

BTW I am so exhausted! I took two four art classes at once! So hard but so rewarding in the end.